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Customer Sketch

An-Jo's Timber Tales

No need to be an artist. Draw a simple sketch and let Kathy turn your idea into a beautiful sign.

The picture on the top-right, is a drawing of a customer's idea for a sign. Kathy took the drawing and created the sign on the bottom-right. Print out the template on the site to use as a base for your sketch or send any uncopyrighted clip art. Remember, signs can be vertical or horizontal - it's your choice.

Feel free to call or email any questionsor to request a dozen or more samples!


Use these handy templates to help you design your own sign.

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Kathy Reilly
P.O. Box 132
Pocono Lake, PA 18347-0132
(570) 643-1487


Real estate agents may contact Kathy for gift certificates, for their clients.


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